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My Last Cigarette - Extra Strength
World's First Proven Aid

"If you're serious about quitting smoking, My Last Cigarette is for you!"

Devin Henderson -
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My Last Cigarette Extra Strength is an enhanced version of the best selling My Last Cigarette.

It has been proven to help smokers quit (in conjunction with nicotine replacement therapy e.g. patches).

Here at Mastersoft Mobile Solutions we loathe cigarettes. Sadly we still smoke them. Give Extra Strength a try and please let us know if you succeed !

Once again all readouts are updated every second to give you a real feel for how you are progressing. Personal settings are disabled in the demo version.


  • Real time readout of expected circulatory improvement.
  • Real time readout of money saved to date.
  • Real time readout of the number of cigarettes NOT smoked.
  • Real time readout of expected increase in life expectancy compared to when you were a smoker.
  • Real time readout of the number of smoking related deaths since you quit ( a very sombre thought).
  • Daily motivational medical fact to help maintain your will power.
  • Real time readout of the time that you have been a non smoker.
  • Real time data - updated every second !
  • Much more ....

Testimonials: (100% genuine) taken from a number of reseller sites

I have tried smoking numerous times and never stuck with it. I purchased this program and was really surprised at how having the ability to visualize your progress really helps keep you motivated to quit smoking. I have not had a cigarette in 90 days and actually have no desire at all to light up. I think this program is a great tool to help you quit.

It won't do all the hard work for you but it can give you a big helping hand when the craving starts. Just look at the graphs and imagine having to go back to square one. Havn't smoked a cigarette since 19th April 2002 after being a smoker for twenty years.

It really helped me personally to graphicaly see what was happening inside my body and all the other information has only helped strengthened my resolve. I haven't picked up a cigarette since I got it.

Didnt knew if it was the knowledge of my cc being billed for the app or what but i have no smoked since i bought it it helps a lot to see graphically how your health is. COOL!

This will have you quitting in no time. It's morbid, surreal, deadly serious, and those numbers just keep on updating. I'm sure glad I didn't have to write this thing ! Obviously done by smokers.