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New Fruit Salad(TM) for iPhone and iPod Touch!!

WARNING - Addictive!


A manic maelstrom of fruit blending fun!

If you like lining up 3,4 or more of a kind then you will love Fruit Salad!

How much fruit juice can you make from your selection of fruit?

Will you hit the jackpot? Some fruits are worth more than others!

Line up four or more and you'll get a 'feature' including Spins, Wilds, Nudges, Blends and more ...

WARNING: It's addictive!



  • Higher levels award higher fruits.
  • Line up five fruits for a 'Jackpot' and a feature!
  • Insanely addictive.
  • Full of fresh fruit.
  • Features include 'Spin', 'Blend', 'Wild' and more ...